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Рекомендовано AKYAN ST-PETERSBURG HOTEL, Отель. Hotels in отели исторического центра, Russia ст.м. Пл. Восстания, ул. Восстания д. 19, отели исторического центра, Russia AKYAN ST-PETERSBURG HOTEL
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ст.м. Пл. Восстания, ул. Восстания д. 19, отели исторического центра, Russia (Area map)

This time we visited a small hotel on Vosstania Street with the unusual name Akyan.

The first advantage of the hotel, which I would like to mention, is its close proximity to such an important transport hub of our city as the Moscow railway station - only 10 minutes by foot, and by taxi - a couple of minutes and you are there.

In walking distance, many famous sights, museums and theaters, as well as all the necessary places for spending time with benefit and pleasure. Fans of shopping will appreciate the proximity of two shopping centers - Stockmann and Gallery, one of the largest in Europe. In addition to quality shopping, here you will find a variety of entertainment: cinema, species restaurants, sports complex, spa.

The hotel is located in the former profitable house P.T. Badaev, built in the early XIX century, by the way, the architect of this house Kosyakov V.A. in 1907 was awarded a silver medal at the city's facade competition! The building itself is historical and has architectural value, because with its exterior decoration for the first time it was used majolica, and the building itself is decorated with bas-reliefs. The main hall, ladder marches are protected by forged lattices with the image of foliage and poppies. In the hall and in some rooms you can see the operating ceramic fireplaces. The axis of the main entrance is marked with a decorative attic, paired bay-windows, wrought-iron balconies.

The entrance to the hotel, which is also the former front house, is a two-winged ancient massive door through which you enter a spacious bright hall, which is especially distinguished by ceramic friezes with art nouveau patterns and mosaic panels, as well as an operating fireplace! Here you can feel the touch of antiquity, the style is perfectly maintained, the modern elements of the hotel industry harmoniously fit - the elevator, the reception, the communications. Everything is done at the highest level, everywhere there is a natural stone, on the walls and ceiling of the stucco molding, the fireplace I have already mentioned, but I want to emphasize that there is no cheap pomposity and vulgar luxury, everything is really high-quality, beautiful, expensive. That, by the way, you will not tell about the prices. Prices are more than humane for the city center, the room rate includes a buffet breakfast. Here is a small list of dishes daily served to guests: fresh vegetables, 2-3 kinds of cheese and sausages, about 10 hot dishes, various topings, cereals, muesli, fruits, berries, 5-6 kinds of drinks, croissants and bread. Naturally, variations are possible, something is added, something is replaced, but in general, everything remains the same.

    The restaurant itself consists of a main hall and a cigar room, breakfast is served in the main hall and, of course, during the day, you can eat on the à la carte menu. I would like to note the comfort of the hall and its cosiness, around the tables there are sofas and armchairs, which is especially conducive to rest and relaxation. In a cigar room, it is also possible to sit at breakfast and order something from the menu, it is also used for small seminars, business lunches or meetings.

     Well, of course - numbers! Often hotel rooms are so ordinary that I can not slide into the dry language of the facts, but here it's different - I want to talk about them!

So, all the rooms are made in the same style and color scheme, the main colors are warm beige, white and chocolate, the rooms are light and cozy. There are no spots, traces and chirks on the walls, everything is very clean, we also did not notice the smell of tobacco. Equipped rooms are very modern and high-quality, everywhere installed split-system. The bathroom is made in high-tech style and is represented by high-quality plumbing fixtures, in almost all rooms a shower cubicle made of transparent glass, and the gloss of chrome elements, marble floor and excellent lighting create an atmosphere of comfort and style.

    Especially I want to talk about a very unusual and interesting room, which is truly a pride of the hotel and has a category of luxury, absolutely deserved, by the way. So, imagine the living room of a noble family of the late XIX century - elegant furniture in modern style, parquet, high light ceilings, stucco decoration, which was restored according to the original sketches, a chic multi-storey chandelier, two large windows and a window-lamp filling the room with light - all this creates an indescribable atmosphere of elegance and luxury at the same time. Being in this living room, you can easily imagine yourself a true aristocrat, the truth is already the XXI century, because the room is equipped with the most advanced technologies, it has everything: from satellite TV and ending with a hairdryer. The bedroom in this room is in the second room, where you will see a large bed made of carved wood decorated with leather, equipped with a high-quality and expensive mattress, which will make not only your stay, but also a dream in the best traditions of hospitality.

    To summarize, I will say that this hotel has created an excellent impression, we can safely recommend it to you for living! Yes, the only time the hotel does not match the hotel is 3 *, it can be safely assigned to 4 *.

Have a nice holiday!


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